Hope 2022 is on!

2nd to 5th June 2022.

Yeahhh! At last we can all meet up again. Looking forward to catching up..

Watch this space for more details..


Who’s On

Soothsayers, Doghouse Derelicts , Flutatious, The Brouhaha , Nattyspeaks,
Dead Mans Corner (Steve Boltz), The Altones, Pagan Tribe, Swag , Hope
Allstars, The Gits , Chris Lynam, Alex and the Wonderland, Jaz (Tankus the
Henge), Dave Sutherland, Southy ,
Claire Nicolson and  the zeropa nohopers, Hopes Got Talent , Professor
Palmeroff’s Magic Show, The Kimberleys, Roger and the Moores, Sasha and
the Shades, Chameleon Inc, Thee Ones , Wyndsok, The  Twangers, Ukedelix,
Flakey Jake, Unorthadox , Bacardiac Arrest, Mazaika, Maskara ,
Chameleon inc, Memphis, Tunehead, Jonty Atkinson, James Watermen,
Darwins Quilt, The Jolly Jammers, Commander Si & Jasper Nautical,
Martin “sidewinder” Wooster, The Dredgermen, Pelican Assembly,
Lez Zoings, John McClean and the Gang, The Flightened, Tan Hai Collective,

Dave Bassey

Cabaret Cooking , Tug Of War, Disco Bingo, 

Much more to be Confirmed